Choose Plain, Wholemeal or Gluten Free Pita Bread. All pitas include choice of fillings, sauces, a spread and cheese.  The following stores have halal certified meat options – please enquire within: Victoria St West, AucklandImax Centre, Auckland; Symonds St, Auckland; Westfield Manukau, Auckland, Dressmart Onehunga, Auckland.

  • Mexicano Pita

    The Mexicano

    Stuffed with Shredded chicken, Spicy Black Bean, Mexican Rice, Lettuce, Jalapenos, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream, Avocado, and Habenero sauce.

  • chicken-ceasar-pita

    Chicken Caesar

    Chicken Breast and Bacon drizzled with Caesar Dressing – a toga party in your mouth!

  • chicken-crave-pita

    Chicken Crave

    Chicken Breast and Ham with melted swiss cheese – Cordon Bleu!

  • Chick 'n Fala

    Chick ‘n Fala

    Chicken Breast and Falafel… Word on the street: this is a fave for all the chicks and fellas

  • lamb-pita

    Roast Lamb

    Mary had a little one, what will you have?

  • steak-pita


    Grill the onions, melt some cheese… Philly Cheese Steak!

  • chicken-breast-pita

    Chicken Breast

    Everyone is squawking about it!

  • blt-pita


    It’s the greatest thing since sliced bacon

  • roastbeef-pita

    Roast Beef

    Love me tender

  • black-forest-ham-pita

    Black Forest Ham

    Bite the ham that feeds you

  • tuna-pita


    Comes from the best schools

  • fallafel-pita


    Chickpea patties, a Pita Pit icon, not just for vegetarians

  • cheddar-pita

    Mozzarella Melt

    Mamma Mia! Melt-in-your-mouth creamy mushrooms and mozzarella risotto.

  • garden-pita


    More choices than a farmers market